Animations and 3D sound. Now you can, with LinceoVR 3.1

August 10th, 2009

So far, LinceoVR was still missing real animations capabilities and 3D sound. At last, the new LinceoVR 3.1 offers to users this impressive and impacting features, always with his easy to use interface.

Animations both in Virtual Reality (VR) and Camera Matching (AR) mode

The videos below are an example of simulation in LinceoVR, using a 3D animated model in the Virtual Reality environment and in the live video background of the camera matching mode. The model has been created in Maya, and imported in LinceoVR. A new control panel in LinceoVR 3.1 allows to drive the animation.

Below a video of the same animation in LinceoVR Virtual reality mode, with Hires Background, and realtime depth of field.

Last video is about Animations and 3D spatial sound, the animations has been created in 3D studio max, edited in LinceoVR. The video is a live recording, no editing has been made, neither the camera changes. 2 minutes to create it.

Is also available a new Rhinoceros plugin which fixes some bugs, and improve the quality of mesh tessellation, to download new LinceoVR trial and free Rhino3D plugin go to

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