MrPhoto: Augmented reality app for Iphone

March 25th, 2010


Finally our first Augmented reality application is out, and by the way is the first texture tracking based application for iphone in the market.

What MrPhoto (Mixed reality photo) does?

MrPhoto allows to add any image from a shoot made by the iphone camera, Augmented reality algorithm will take care of the perspective of the Augmented reality content. Take a photo of an outdoor advertising poster and put your picture with one click, no photoediting at all.

How to “augment yourself”?

3 easy steps:

  1. take a picture of the image you want to recognize, and create the “marker” in the iphone
  2. take the picture of of the world with the marker inside
  3. place your favourite picture in AR


From a technological point of view MrPhoto extends the user creativity from user generated content to user generated tags, it is the first step for Augmented reality visual tagging.

Click here to get MrPhoto from Itunes store


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