Jeep gets its first interactive campaign with Seac02

October 4th, 2012

A new way to enjoy Augmented Reality communication contents through AR-Code technology is part of I am Jeep Mobile app.


In conjunction with Jeep Grand Cherokee S Limited new commercial’s on air, I am Jeep Mobile Customer Care update application, featuring an Augmented Reality functionality created by Seac02, comes in Apple Store.

I am Jeep Mobile is the first mobile app ready to be integrated with AR-Code, an innovative Augmented Reality mobile platform made by Seac02 to enjoy AR interactive contents issuing from traditional ADV print campaigns. Setting mobile phones on Jeep print advert, since this month interactive digital contents will be unveiled to users.

Seac02 advanced technology enables to turn Augmented Reality into a mobile always-on communication channel that can give readers user-led enriched and entertaining information.

AR-Code free browser for Augmented Reality contents will be available starting from the end of October on Apple Store and then on Android devices (since now you can subscribe to the mailing list and be notified when the app will be on line).

AR-Code aims to add Augmented Reality in day-by-day life as it allows all kind of press to be alive and interactive. Brands and companies can take advantage of value added ADV campaigns as well as institutions.

For more info: tel: +39

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