Seac02 “augments” The Others catalogue title page and launches the non-profit Art Project

November 8th, 2012

To coincide with the release of the AR-Code app on the Apple App Store, the project specifically for Augmented Reality artists.



It enables artists to experiment with expressive and narrative possibilities in Augmented Reality. With this objective in mind, Seac02 has begun collaborating with The Others, an international promotional project dedicated to emerging contemporary art, and will participate in an exhibition scheduled from the 9th to 11th November 2012 (Stand A17).

Art Project is a non-profit operation hosted on the new mobile application for Augmented Reality AR-Code, created by Seac02, and available free of charge on the Apple App Store. Starting in November, the platform will host works by various artists, rotated monthly, wishing to explore his or her creative boundaries by integrating Augmented Reality as part of their artistic experience.

Together with The Others, the first artists were selected to bring this project to life: use of their “augmented” works, thanks to AR-Code technology, can be accessed after downloading the application. By framing the work on your I-phone screen, you can interact with extra digital content superimposed on the actual content. Therefore, the user can access a virtual, hidden narrative component added to the physical one.

There are three artistic experimental explorations during The Others. The first relates to the title page of the catalogue by The Others created by PrintAboutMe. The bee mass composing the magic image on the cover, metaphorically inspired by the mass of people circling around the exhibition and cooperating in an efficient and collaborative manner, is transformed into a dynamic element that invades the screen of your device.

The origins of meat by Uli Westphal (presented to The Others by the NOPX Gallery in Turin) is the second work. Here, the artist reflects upon the cognitive and experimental gap that separates the food we eat from its origin, finding in Augmented Reality a type of representation. Where the work shows a pork fillet, some steak or a chicken breast, the virtual interactive form allows you to interact with what you don’t normally see in the supply chain.

The Others by Antje Rieck is the third work. The flexed body of a woman becomes the surface on which your soul can flow, in a digital and augmented manner, your soul being the shuttle that leads to dreams, the link that connects you to the rest of the world.

PrintAboutMe is a project to defend alternative and independent contemporary art graphics, managed by the association Arteco, by the Inamorarti laboratory, the Ohne Titel Grafik print shop, the artist/illustrator Moisi Guga and, since 2012, also the FART gallery. PrintAboutMe was founded as an international competition for artistic print aimed at artists under 40 which is held annually. The first edition saw 28 works selected, followed by a travelling exhibition. In 2012, other than promoting the second edition of the competition, PrintAboutMe became an editorial project with PrintAboutMe Micro-Press editions. In May of the same year the first edition of Ménage à Trois was inaugurated, an artistic residence dedicated to the creation of graphic art work, whose protagonists include a printer, an artist and a video-maker.

Uli Westphal was born in 1980 in Bochum Germany. Having studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Enschede (Holland), he moved to the United States and then Berlin where he now lives and works. Uli Westphal develops his work ranging from installations, photography, sculptures, audio and animation on what is depicted by natural phenomena. Since 2004 he has been involved in various artistic experiences in Germany, Holland, China, The United States and Italy. He is considered a methodical researcher and a critical, orderly collector. He is also a careful observer of market dynamics, especially foodstuffs, where he unveils different aspects, often coinciding with the term “natural”.

Antje Rieck was born in Ulm, Germany in 1970 and is a sculpture graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin. Her sculptures integrate numerous theoretical approaches, juxtaposing different genre and processes within the confines of a single work, at times expanding through natural growth or sequence into other media forms such as photography, video and interactive installations. By using these different techniques, Antje demonstrates her ability to handle and harmonise contemporary media with Neo-Classic busts and more futuristic bodily expressions. In 2011, she was invited to the Venice Biennale as a guest at the “Glasstress” exhibition. Other than international commitments, Antje Rieck was asked to create a sculpture installation to mark the anniversary of the massacre in Fosse Ardeatina in the former Italgas workshops in Rome in 2006. From 2006 to 2010 she designed and supervised set building in the Regio Theatre in Turin for “Il Segno del Chimico” and “Acqua” by the Merz Foundation.



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