LinceoVR 4.0 is out! Virtual become real.

August 6th, 2013

After 2-years incubation period, commitment and desire to really make something new, LinceoVR 4.0 is out!

The proprietary software developed by Seac02, renowned as the first to integrate the features of the Realtime Render and Augmented Reality, confirms its avant-guard approach now including marker tracking, natural feature tracking and Kinect tracking, all in one.

During these months, we have refined our technology to be sure the 3D models visualization to reach an incredibly realistic graphic quality and to allow the user to add digital products in the real world with imperceptible overlaying effects between virtual and real. We have improved the user experience to get an easy to use Drag & Drop interface and let anyone with no special knowledge to create projects and/or design engaging product presentations. Using the Free Viewer you can also share your output on your website, show it in a Power Point presentation, or display it on a Virtual Mirror in an interactive way.


So, let’s revise the process. Import your 3D CAD model, optimize it for LinceoVR platform, visualize it in real time and choose among many views, variations of materials, geometries and lighting effects, then decide how to make it usable in real space. LinceoVR makes Augmented Reality usage intuitive: you only need to associate the virtual model to a marker that allows to recognize the static or dynamic object. If it’s a dynamic one, you can use the Microsoft Kinect technology to interact. That’s the 4.0 version main update.

LinceoVR together with Microsoft Kinect lets see a virtual object as if it was in the real world and at the same time interact with it in the space, moving, rotating it, changing its size or characteristics in order to see how it would look like. Thanks to the Kinect recognition features, LinceoVR detects several parts of the body in motion, which become real markers to which the virtual object is associated.

That’s how the virtual becomes real in a simple and affordable way for everyone.

LinceoVR 4.0

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