LinceoVR 4.0, endless possibilities in one tool

September 9th, 2013

If you are full of creativity but lack of some technical knowledge, LinceoVR 4.0 rushes to your rescue. LinceoVR 4.0 drag&drop interface is designed to give anyone the opportunity to let perfectly manage, visualize and integrate 3D models into the real world. Connecting LinceoVR with Microsoft Kinect technology, the virtual product pops up into the world to be naturally manipulated through your hands: rotate, zoom out and in, choose variants and swipe the objects away as if it is alive.

Add any 3D CAD model to view it in real time and high quality on LinceoVR desktop. Now, decide how to make it accessible and useful to your business.


LinceoVR 4.0 offers endless opportunities for your solutions:

  • You can design a Gestural Virtual Mirror to offer your customers the experience to virtually try-on your object reproducing a very natural and engaging interaction.
  • You can create a Product Configurator in a few steps on your own. The software easily and fastly generates different variants and views of your product to guarantee a perfect 360° rotation view together with a compelling Augmented or Virtual reality experience.
  • You can compare your product prototype to its competitors by projecting it in the retail space on a 1:1 scale: evaluation is fairer and adjustments are immediate.
  • You can also place your product in real space (your home for example) to assess the yield in the environment where the object will be placed.
  • You can share your output directly on the internet via web plug-in and let people interact through the screen.
  • You can show it in a Power Point presentation to impress your client.

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