LinceoVR: for the first time Augmented Reality joins the Altair Partner Alliance

March 13th, 2014

Seac02 officially became part of the Altair Partner Alliance (APA) with its own software LinceoVR, the tool of Real Time Rendering and Augmented Reality. Altair Partner Alliance is the collaboration network created by Altair in order to offer its customers a wide range of software solutions for every need. Altair is a company that has almost thirty years of experience in offering the best technology to support innovative and decision-making processes of its customers.


LinceoVR will be available for the users of Altair HyperWorks, the world’s most used on-demand and professional platform, becoming its first 3D Real Time Rendering tool that can create interactive applications, with furthermore the plus of Augmented Reality.

“We are looking forward to seeing where this new partnership leads both SEAC02 and Altair,” said Andrea Carignano, CEO at SEAC02. “LinceoVR is a unique product within the APA and outside of it as well. We believe that the software will provide an exciting opportunity for HyperWorks users to bring models to life in new and creative ways without having first to manufacture prototypes. This will be an asset for companies in reducing development costs and creating compelling concept designs. LinceoVR will also give to the marketing and sales departments the opportunity to create interactive applications, like personalized product configurators and virtual mirrors.”

With LinceoVR users can import their own 3D models using the most common formats (iges , step, obj , 3ds , 3dm , FBX , etc.). The tool provides full navigation controls in 6 degrees of freedom. The dedicated library of materials, the global illumination and the variants management offer realistic visualizations of the products within a totally new and interactive experience. You can use photographic scenarios as a background of your 3D model, including spherical views to surround it, or you can place the 3D model in the real world thanks to the Augmented Reality features. Exploiting the potential of the OpenGL stereo, LinceoVR can perform real time 3D stereo rendering that can be displayed on compatible active or passive stereoscopic visualization systems. The Batch Rendering feature allows you to generate in a few minutes the entire set of images needed to compose 360° views (QTVR-like) that can be easily published on a website . Finally, thanks to the free LinceoVR Viewer, users can deploy unlimited Virtual and Augmented Reality applications without further fees or licenses.


“LinceoVR will enable our engineering and design customers to visualize their concepts and products in real-world environments and even interact with them,” said James Dagg, Chief Technology Officer at Altair. “This will take product design to a whole new level and is the perfect addition to our 3D modeling and visualization software lineup.”

LinceoVR is easy to use but at the same time it’s a technologically advanced and unique application, combining in a single tool an intuitive drag & drop interface and the state of the art of tracking technologies for Augmented Reality: from the fiducial marker tracking, to the image tracking, up to the body tracking and gesture interaction based on Microsoft Kinect (and other devices powered by the PrimeSense sensor).

Multiple are the applications of LinceoVR along the entire value chain of a product. During the design phase it’s the perfect tool for sharing and presenting ideas and concepts, it’s as well a benchmark tool for comparing virtual products to physical ones, for example competitor’s. In marketing activities, LinceoVR allows to generate in a short time high quality graphic material, or to create interactive applications aimed at the promotion of the product. For points of sale, users can create products configurators and experiential solutions that come in support of sales activities.

Including LinceoVR into the HyperWorks platform offer, for the first time in the world an Augmented Reality software becomes part of a portfolio of professional tools and solutions for business.

On April,3rd 2014 at 9am EST and at 1pm EST hours will be held two introductory webinars on LinceoVR.

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