LinceoVR 3.3 per Giochi di AR con Robot controllati a distanza e la speciale promozione LinceoVR 4 ALL

January 25th, 2010

LinceoVR 3.3 Rovio sdk per vivere l’AR: crea il tuo videogioco!

Crea nuovi giochi interattivi di Augmented Reality con Wowwee Rovio, usando LinceoVR 3.3. LinceoVR 3.3 può prendere il controllo e pilotare direttamente il WowWee Drone, consentendo a qualunque utente di creare la propria esperienza online o offline di Augmented Reality. Gli utenti potranno aggiungere virtualmente nell’ambiente reale dove Rovio si muove oggetti 3D e animazion, che compariranno nelle immagini video live catturate attraverso la sua camera wifi integrata.Sotto il video di presentazione e immaigni live:

LinceoVR 3.3 sarà online presto!

La nuova release di LinceoVR, versione 3.3, sarà disponibile da Lunedì prossimo. Di seguito la lista delle principali nuove funzionalità:

  • Video texture: inserisci video nella tua scena 3D, sia in Realtà Aumentata che Realtà Virtuale

  • Pulsante HDRI/OpenGL: nuova gestione semplificata per attivare LinceoVR in modalità OpenGL all’avvio, e per passare da OpenGL a HDRI e viceversa.

  • Ombre Realtime in modalità OpenGL

  • Raytracing Realtime in modalità Augmented Reality

  • Interfaccia di controllo per ROVIO: nuova esaltante compatibilità con Rovio, per pilotare direttamente da LinceoVR WowWee Drone munito di wireless webcam ed utilizzarlo in modalità Realtà Aumentata.


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LinceoVR 3.3 for AR games with remote controlled Robots and the special promotion LinceoVR 4 ALL

January 24th, 2010

LinceoVR 3.3 Rovio sdk for AR based experience: create your own videogames!

Create new interactive Wowwee Rovio based augmented reality games using LinceoVR 3.3. LinceoVR 3.3 gets the control of WowWee Drone, and allows to any user to create his own augmented reality experience, offline and online. Any user will be able to virtually add in the real environment where Rovio moves, 3D objetcs and animations which will appear in the live video images captured through its integrated WiFI camera. Below presentation video and some images with texture tracking:

LinceoVR 3.3 will be online soon!

New release of LinceoVR, version 3.3 will be available next monday, below the list of main new features:

  • Video texture: insert video in your 3D scene, both in Augmented and Virtual Reality

  • HDRI/OpenGL Button: new simplified management to activate LinceoVR in OpenGL mode when loaded, and to switch from OpenGL to HDRI and the opposite.

  • Realtime shadows in Opengl Mode

  • Realtime raytracing in Augmented reality mode

  • ROVIO Control interface: new exciting compatibility with Rovio, to pilot the WowWee Drone equipped with a WiFi webcam directly from LinceoVR and use it in augmented reality mode.


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Virtual shoes configurator, your virtual shoes mall for iPhone

September 18th, 2009

Seac02 3 days ago presented his iPhone application for ANCI (Italian Shoes Maker Association) at MICAM in Milan, an integrated platform to create virtual stores inside the iPhone. The demo application is based on 2 different shoes stores, one for classical shoes and the second for sportive ones. It contains about 200.000 virtual images of shoes created using LinceoVR batch rendering in few hours.

Starting from today creating your own iPhone virtual store or e-commerce website will be cheaper than ever, with hundreds of thousands images of your products in all possible commercial configurations available in one click.

Below you can find a short video of the prototype, in few days I will publish a video to show our production pipeline ready to be used by any LinceoVR user.

Anything you need! LinceoVR 3.1 + Vuzix iWear VR920 + CamAR bundled togheter

September 4th, 2009

I am very excited today. I can finally announce that starting from today, Seac02 can offer the first all in one solution to experience immersive Augmented Reality!

We offer a very special bundle, Vuzix iWear VR920 + CamAR for FREE for any new purchased license of LinceoVR 3.1 professional or enterprise, and more then 200€ discount on the price of LinceoVR 3.1 for Rhino Bundle.

Anyone today can enjoy Augmented Reality in 5 minutes, no pain, no tech issues at all, just the time to receive at home the software and the google.

See the video below that explain how easy is to start working with the bundle:

For information click on the link below:

Animations and 3D sound. Now you can, with LinceoVR 3.1

August 10th, 2009

So far, LinceoVR was still missing real animations capabilities and 3D sound. At last, the new LinceoVR 3.1 offers to users this impressive and impacting features, always with his easy to use interface.

Animations both in Virtual Reality (VR) and Camera Matching (AR) mode

The videos below are an example of simulation in LinceoVR, using a 3D animated model in the Virtual Reality environment and in the live video background of the camera matching mode. The model has been created in Maya, and imported in LinceoVR. A new control panel in LinceoVR 3.1 allows to drive the animation.

Below a video of the same animation in LinceoVR Virtual reality mode, with Hires Background, and realtime depth of field.

Last video is about Animations and 3D spatial sound, the animations has been created in 3D studio max, edited in LinceoVR. The video is a live recording, no editing has been made, neither the camera changes. 2 minutes to create it.

Is also available a new Rhinoceros plugin which fixes some bugs, and improve the quality of mesh tessellation, to download new LinceoVR trial and free Rhino3D plugin go to

Augmented World Expo

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Santa Clara (CA)

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