Turin Polytechnic: High Definition noticeboards coming soon (AGI and ADNKRONOS)

April 8th, 2008

No more noticeboards at the Turin Polytechnic from the next scholastic year. The old spaces where tens of paper notes were attached with phone numbers to look for and offer student tuition, second-hand textbooks and accommodation will be replaced by 10 high definition screens spread throughout the corridors of the Turin college, the first will be switched on this week. Not only that, the messages may be uploaded and downloaded free via the Bluetooth system in all mobile phones. The system, developed by a series of societies that work within the Polytechnic and are co-ordinated by Turin wireless, effectively cost the university nothing as, beside the messages, it will be possible to insert advertisements, which will pay for the investment of around 2,000 – 3,000 Euros per virtual noticeboard.

«The system is designed to include didactic services — explains the rector Francesco Profumo —. Now we supply an SMS service to inform if a lesson is cancelled or changes classroom at the last minute». The virtual noticeboards will also be open to people outside of the Polytechnic, who will, however, be filtered for security reasons. There will be no limit to the fantasy of the students’ messages, who will have a personal Pin number and will be able to insert not only text but sounds and images, all downloadable via Bluetooth.


Tens of paper notes of varying colour and size with telephone numbers to tear off and keep and with announcements such as “room for rent”, “tuition offered”, “mechanical engineering books for sale, practically new”, “singer seeking group”, “want to study and work? Call me and I’ll tell you how”. From today, the Turin Polytechnic is the first Italian university to retire, and to substitute with an updated version, one of the objects known to all colleges, the traditional noticeboard that is now replaced by the more modern virtual and video multimedia noticeboards.

The project, the fruit of collaboration between the Polytechnic, the Turin Wireless Foundation, the coordination structure of the Piedmont region dedicated to IT, and EXITone Spa, is included in the path of technological innovation followed by the Turin college which aims to have a single instrument to transfer information to the students, but also to have a means of interactive communication for those who attend the university and users in general. So, today sees the beginning of a first experimental version of the virtual noticeboard that provides a section dedicated to announcements by students for students, visible on the noticeboard monitor but also uploaded and downloaded directly from any mobile phone within a 10m radius. Users will be authorised to receive and advertise messages thanks to a five-digit Pin code and security of information is guaranteed thanks to authentication via the web which certifies the identity of the user.

«Innovation and technology are inherent in polytechnic culture — underlines the Rector, Francesco Profumo — and so it is clear that the college moves to keep apace with the times and possibly to act as pioneer. As such the virtual noticeboards will be ever more an integral part of the college and its community»


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