University: Goodbye to old noticeboards, at Turin they’re virtual (ANSA)

April 8th, 2008

«Innovation and technology — exclaimed the rector Profumo — are part of the polytechnic culture and so it is clear that the university moves to keep apace with the times and possibly to assume the role of pioneer. Virtual noticeboards will be ever more an integral part of the university and its community».

«Turin Wireless — added the ex rector Zich — has been the promoter of the project that unites various Piedmont enterprises and the Turin Polytechnic in the combined development of an innovative solution and market potential». The virtual noticeboard is already used by some multinational companies, in Italy by Fiat, and could also have scope in the property management environment. Its cost is around 2,000 – 3,000 Euros.

The virtual noticeboards of the Polytechnic, aside from the outer aspect, are very similar to their paper sisters. Announcements are visible in Post-it format, with the difference being that they are uploaded and downloaded directly via mobile phone. Users have authorised access to the publication of messages by way of a five-digit Pin code. A contributor to its realisation is Rivetti Grafica of Turin which manages the publicity on public and metropolitan transport.


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