International UPS’ campaign with Seac02’s Flash Augmented Reality.

February 4th, 2011

International UPS’ campaign with Seac02’s Flash Augmented Reality. from seac02 on Vimeo.

From the 12th to the 14th January 2011 at the PSI – The International network of the promotional product industry in Dusseldorf- the international merchandising company Intermed Asia, in collaboration with UPS, presented a world preview of the new We♥Logistic’s gadgets got interactive with Seac02’ Augmented Reality in collaboration with the communication agency Equent Media Group.

Thanks to Augmented Advertising, gadgets like T-shirts, mugs, aprons, glasses showed to a webcam take live with the animations of the typical hearts of We♥Logistic’s logo and with presentation videos of the international logistic transportation company.

The gadgets supported by Augmented Reality will be distributed by Equent Media Group’ Promotional division, leader group in Media Innovation and Multichannel Comunication, and in particular in the Multimedia/Web world, which offers an effective and innovative strategic support to brands and prestige enterprises.


Dal 12 al 14 gennaio 2011 l’azienda internazionale di merchandising Intermed Asia, in collaborazione con UPS, ha presentato in anteprima mondiale al PSI – The International network of the promotional product industry di Dusseldorf- i nuovi gadget We♥Logistic resi interattivi con la Realtà Aumentata di Seac02 e con la collaborazione dell’agenzia di comunicazione Equent Media Group.

Grazie all’Augmented Advertising, gadget come T-shirts, tazze “mug”, grembiuli, bicchieri posti davanti ad una webcam si animano con i cuoricini tipici del logo We♥Logistic e con video di presentazione dell’azienda internazionale di trasporto logistico.

Gli stessi gadget supportati dalla Realtà Aumentata , saranno distribuiti dalla divisione Promotional di Equent Media Group, gruppo leader nel campo della Media Innovation e della Comunicazione Multicanale,con una particolare attenzione al mondo Multimediale/Web, che da anni offre un efficace supporto strategico e innovativo a brand e multinazionali di prestigio.

CLICK HERE and try Augmented Reality now!

LinceoVR users’ projects: Augmented reality to customize your switch.

January 19th, 2011


Here another project made with LinceoVR by PLHT Italia: a Design Switch Enterprise. LinceoVR is able to generate an immediate contextualization of the virtual product in your surrounding environment, this allows you to choose the perfect design switch for your project.

Ecco un’altro progetto fatto con LinceoVR da PLHT Italia: azienda che produce interruttori di Design. LinceoVR può generare una contestualizzazione immediata del prodotto virtuale nell’ambiente circostante, questo permette di scegliere l’interruttore di Design perfetto per il progetto.


Try the application here/ Prova l’applicazione ora plh Italia

CURRENT’s collaboration with Seac02 goes on.

January 18th, 2011


The union between interactivity with Augmented Reality and newspapers to promote programs it’s a winning choice for Current TV, the SKY TV channel, that published its tenth Augmented Reality campaign powered by Seac02. This time to promote the Italian anti-vivisection league’ documentary: the LAV. After the programs “Saviano Racconta Saviano”, “Travaglio”, “Crisi”, “Nucleare” and “Vanguard” Seac02’s Flash Texture Tracking is being used to recognize the advert page of LAV, printed and published, as always, on main newspapers and magazines. Showing the page to the webcam on Current website, people can see the promo video of the program. “Stay tuned” because there will be more!

La collaborazione tra CURRENT e Seac02 continua.

L’unione tra l’interazione con la Realtà Aumentata e la carta stampata per promuovere i programmi è stata una scelta vincente per Current TV, il canale di SKY, che ha pubblicato la decima campagna in Realtà Aumentata in collaborazione con Seac02. Questa volta per promuovere il documentario della lega italiana anti vivisezione: la LAV. Dopo i documentari “Saviano Racconta Saviano”, “Travaglio”, “Crisi”, “Nucleare” e “Vanguard” il Flash Texture Tracking di Seac02 è stato usato per riconoscere la pagina stampata della campagna della LAV, pubblicata, come sempre, sui maggiori giornali e riviste. Avvicinando l’immagine alla webcam sul sito di Current TV chiunque può vedere il video promozionale del programma. “Restate sintonizzaati” perché ce ne saranno altre!

Have a look at CURRENT’s campaign/Guarda la campagna CURRENT click here

Ferrero choses Eggers 2.0 and Seac02 to experience Kinder Sorpresa’ augmented reality.

January 17th, 2011


Seac02 and Eggers 2.0 has been selected by Ferrero Soremartec for experimenting augmented reality for Kinder Surprise in a few points of sales. In a multimedia island, children can play with Kinder Sorpresa packages, animating and interacting in a virtual way with some of the toys inside them. The creative factory has been responsible for the creative design, production of the movie in 3D and creativity in the shop.

Ferrero sceglie Eggers 2.0 e Seac02 per sperimentare la realtà aumentata di Kinder Sorpresa.

Seac02 e Eggers 2.0 sono state scelte da Ferrero SoRemartec per la sperimentazione su alcuni punti vendita della realtà aumentata per Kinder Sorpresa. Attraverso un’isola multimediale, i bambini possono giocare con le confezioni di Kinder sorpresa, animando e interagendo in modo virtuale con alcune sorprese in esse contenute. La factory creativa ha curato l’ideazione, produzione del filmato in 3D e la creatività sul punto vendita.

Online Seac02’s Augmented Reality at 50th International Boat Show of Genova for SLAM Advanced Technology Sportswear

October 5th, 2010

UPDATE! The campaign is now online, test it today!

Seac02’s Augmented Reality has been used at SLAM’s booth at th 50th International Boat Show of Genova. three applications made with texture tracking technology that engage visitors letting them experience the last collections of the wellknown brand of sailing cloths. Users must show to a camera images printed on the faces of cubes. Depending on the image shown, videos and added information regarding rleated cloths are displayed in Augmented Reality. Tracked textures are interactive, so people can trigger play and stop actions by touching a part of the image printed on the face of the cube. In the same way, users can answer a questionnaire: questions with 4 possible answers are displayed on the monitor, while on the corners of one face of a cube are printed the number 1,2,3,4 that must be touched in order to answer. At the end of the questionnaire, the face of the user captured with the camera is cropped on the fly and it’s used to augment a picture that describes which profile of sailer he or she is.

Augmented Reality for Intesa Sanpaolo Bank. See your face in an advert video

July 2nd, 2010

Supertifoso (, a funny campaign of the Italian Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, is based on an Augmented Reality application made in Flash that automatically insert your picture and your name in a video, like if such clip was made about your own story. The web campaign promotes a special credit card, Superflash, and it’s a quiz about football with questions aimed at telling you whether you are a super supporter or not. The result of your test is a video commented by the Gialappa’s Band (three popular funny guys of the Italian TV) and it can also be shared on social networks. The campaign is in Italian, so if you don’t speak italian but you want to try it, find below some translation:

Inserisci il tuo nome: > Insert your name

Sesso: > Sex

Carica una tua foto: > Upload your photo

Inserisci il nome di un tuo amico: > insert the name of a friend

Eligo Web for Samsung Colombia Augmented Reality campaign to promote 3D TV

June 30th, 2010

Have a look at this web campaign of Samsung Colombia to promote 3D TV: The campaign has been made by a colombian partner, E-nnovva, that used LinceoVR and Eligo Web to publish a nice and complex animation displayed in AR with texture tracking. ennovva-samsung

(Air) AR Guitar for Disney XD. Seac02’s Augmented Reality to launch the new sitcom “I’m in The Band”

May 3rd, 2010

As of middle May 2010, Disney XD will start a tour aroud Italy to launch the new sitcom I’m In the Band which has been airing on the channel since April. Seac02’s Augmented Reality will be used by a partner to support the special effects of the promoting tour. (Air) AR Guitar will entertain children that wearing a T-shirt with the image of the program will be projected in a virtual stage where, thanks to Eligo texture tracking, a virtual guitar will appear on their hands. Depending on their movements, kids will also experience their own ’solos’ mixed on the sound track. The same application will be also available online to join the band at home using Seac02’s Flash markerless Augmented Reality. Here below you can find the very first tests of the application before the fine tuning for the final tour.

Seac02’s Augmented Reality in Think3’s CAD Software

April 21st, 2010

To Celebrate Earth Day 2010, Think3 and Seac02 announce the “Green Digital Marketing Platform”, a shared project with the goal of providing the international market an innovative platform that is also aligned with the needs of the environment. As of release 2010 Thinkdesign users will benefit of an Augmented Reality output, thanks to the integration of LinceoVR technology in the CAD software of Think3.

Think3 executive VP Silvano Joly says “As of release 2010 Thinkdesign users will benefit –first in the world- of an Augmented Reality output. The GDM platform benefits of the combination of 30 years of experience in the PDP (Product Development Process) with the dynamic and innovative real time rendering and augmented reality platform Seac02 has realized since 2005. Likely our customers will have a huge business and technical advantage using it: in fact they will be able to use the digital assets delivered by the cad for design review, collaborative engineering, marketing and customer interaction. User friendly and reasonably expensive this new platform will be another think3 enabling solution according to our motto think3: software that works.”

Andrea Carignano, Seac02 founder and CEO, added: “the partnership with Think3 completes our vision of a simpler designing process, letting the designer focusing on his or her ideas and not on technical matters about the software. As of today, thanks to Think3 Design and LinceoVR, any change becomes a realistic visualization of the prototype in real time, the design materializes in the surrounding environment with the augmented reality, product placement and benchmark become instantaneous as well as the sharing of information”

l’Augmented Reality di Seac02 nel CAD Software di Think3

April 21st, 2010

In occasione dell’Earth Day 2010 Think3 e Seac02 lanciano la “Green Digital Marketing Platform”, un progetto condiviso per proporre al mercato internazionale una piattaforma innovativa ed in linea con le esigenze dellambiente e del mercato. Dalla Release 2010 gli utenti Thinkdesign disporranno di un output nativo in realtà aumentata, grazie all’integrazione della tecnologia di LinceoVR nel software CAD di Think3.

Silvano Joly, executive VP di Think3, ha dichiarato: “Dalla Release 2010 gli utenti Thinkdesign disporranno, primi al mondo, di un output nativo in realtà aumentata. Think3, l’azienda del software “that works”, che lavora, ancora una volta si conferma attenta alle esigenze del mercato anticipandole con le migliori, più efficienti ed efficaci soluzioni garantendo il rapporto prezzo-performance che l’attuale congiuntura impone.”

Andrea Carignano, fondatore e CEO di Seac02, ha aggiunto: “la partnership con Think3 completa la nostra vision per un design più snello, dove il designer mantiene il focus sulle proprie idee e non sui tecnicismi del software, da oggi con Think Design e LinceoVR ogni modifica si trasforma in una rappresentazione realistica del prototipo, in tempo reale, il design si materializza nell’ambiente circostante con la augmented reality, il product placement ed il bechmarking diventano istantanei, così come la condivisione delle informazioni.“

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Booth 75


Mobile Augmented Reality Platform.
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