10 minutes to learn LinceoVR 3.1 basics

August 27th, 2009

Many new users noted that on our website we still miss some useful video tutorial, we are working on them, and soon will be online.

I hope in the meanwhile that someone shall appreciate this new video.

10 minutes to learn in LinceoVR how to: export from Rhino a 3D model and to load in LiceoVR apply material to the scene setup shadows, background, HDRI ligthning define a product configuration in terms of material variants activate realtime depth of field record a realtime video save images at 8000×6000 pixels resolution in …. 3 seconds! wow! and something more…. Let me know if it has been useful or not.


10 minutes to learn LinceoVR 3.1 basics from Seac02 srl on Vimeo.

3D models used to create this short tutorial are avilable in the download area http://www.seac02.it/download/

LinceoVR & Vuzix iWear AV920 + CamAR

June 15th, 2009

2 weeks ago we received a sample product from Vuzix, an iWear920 googles and CamAR module, we begun the integration in LinceoVR and in Eligo sdk.

LinceoVR and Eligo now support iWear in mono and in stereoscopy, we are working on the tracking capabilities for new excinting user experience.

Augmented reality is ready yet, Vuzix product opens new frontier in AR market, stay tuned for more news.

First live test for real immersive AR

Below a video made using Vizux product, the screen resolution was 1024×768, the CamAR video resolution was 800×600. The 3D model comes from Autodesk Alias Studiotool, all is in 3D, exterior and interior. Low frame rate is due to the notebook we used, but anything is in realtime, HDRI rendering, ambient occlusion shadows, geometry and material variants available with one click.

Augmented World Expo

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