The e²-commerce platform unveild at the Augmented Reality Event 2011

May 25th, 2011

Great success for the last Augmented Reality Event 2011, held in Santa Clara (CA). First of all, we want to thank all the people that visited the booth of Seac02 and that came to listen to our speech about our esquarecommerce solution.

For who couldn’t attend to the talk, or missed the are2011, and is interested in it, we shared below the presentation of our speech. Starting from the state of the art and what has been done so far, in terms of applications of the AR in e-commerce for product experiences (in the presentation we mention some our projects as well as third-party projects) we introduce our new experiential-e-commerce platform (esquarecommerce).

The past shows us that companies that want to adopt AR solutions for their online business find technological barriers for reaching as many users as possible and high level budgets required to generate and publish contents . Seac02 esquarecommerce platform offers easy content creation and a multichannel, crossplatform diffusion of the output. Final contents and applications are stored in cloud, and once the application is made, the company just needs to copy a script that can be embedded in a webpage, like we do when we embed a video from youtube or vimeo, or we did for this presentation that follows.

This concept presented is part of a wider project we have been working on lately and that we will start releasing soon with a few first modules.

May 17-18, 2011 – Seac02 will be at ARE(Augmented Reality Event) 2011.

May 12th, 2011


Seac02 will be at ARE(Augmented Reality Event) 2011, the 2nd annual event of the largest conference dedicated to the business of augmented reality; the event will be held at Santa Clara Convention Center, May 17-18, 2011. Start-ups, developers, mobile and hardware companies along with organizations within entertainment, media, education, healthcare, government, tourism, and many more, will gather to evolve this hot technology sector into a productive, sustainable and entertaining new medium.

Andrea Carignano, Co-Founder of Seac02, will be one of the speaker on Tuesday May 17th, 2011 at 3:00 pm. He will talk about “ e²-commerce, the experiential e-commerce: Moving from geeks-AR towards multichannel business applications” in the section AR for eCommerce .

seac02 will be also Exibitor. The exhibition floor will showcase leading companies and products in augmented reality and will also host a career fair to help kick start the young industry. The event is backed by leading global Augmented Reality companies (members of the AR Consortium) and the ISMAR committee, and is sponsored by top tech companies.

Learn more about Augmented Reality Event and its organizers at

17-18 Maggio 2011 – Seac02 sarà a ARE (Augmented Reality Event) 2011.

Seac02 sarà a ARE (Augmented Reality Event) 2011, il 2 ° evento annuale della più grande conferenza dedicata al business della realtà aumentata, l’evento si terrà al Convention Center di Santa Clara, 17-18 maggio 2011. Start-ups, sviluppatori, società di mobile e hardware insieme con le organizzazioni di intrattenimento, media, educazione, sanità, pubblica amministrazione, turismo, e molti altri, si riuniranno per sviluppare il settore più caldo della tecnologia in un nuovo mezzo produttivo, sostenibile e divertente.

Andrea Carignano, Co-fondatore di Seac02, sarà uno degli speaker Martedì 17 Maggio 2011 alle ore 15. Parlerà di “ e²-commerce, e-commerce esperienziale: Muoversi dai nerd dell’AR attraverso applicazioni aziendali multicanale” nella sezione AR per l’eCommerce.

Seac02 sarà anche espositore. Il piando dedicato all’esposizione mostra le più importanti aziende e prodotti di realtà aumentata e ospiterà anche una fiera per aiutare l’inizio di giovani aziende. La manifestazione è sostenuta da aziende di Realtà Aumentata leader a livello mondiale (membri del Consorzio AR) e dal comitato di ISMAR, ed è sponsorizzato da importanti aziende nel settore tecnologico.

Ulteriori informazioni su eventi di Realtà Aumentata e sui suoi organizzatori su www.augmentedrealityevent.com_

Augmented World Expo

4-5 June

Santa Clara (CA)

Booth 75


Mobile Augmented Reality Platform.
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