Eligo and the “e²-commerce”

June 2nd, 2009

Some days ago I was reading a post on Games Alfresco — a blog that i personally recommend to you — talking about the use of augmented reality to show furniture at home for IKEA (just a proof of concept).

This is not a new market for Seac02, at all. Two years ago, we started to call this kind of applications e²-commerce.

What makes an AR solution successful?

From my personal experience, a business-to-business customer — just like IKEA — is willing to accept innovations in their selling process if all of these 3 important conditions are respected:

  1. The solution has to be easy to use, no setup, and available with any kind of hardware;
  2. The tracking has to be robust with any lighting condition and with any video input device;
  3. Last but not least: the visual appereance of the virtual product has to match perfectly the real object.

If any of this conditions is not respected, than the solution cannot be used to sell, but just to market the brand (which is, by the way, the most common usage of AR lately).

I have seen few AR based solution in the market with a misurable value proposition and a tangible ROI for the customer. Below a video about what we are working on with Eligo.

Augmented World Expo

4-5 June

Santa Clara (CA)

Booth 75


Mobile Augmented Reality Platform.
Coming soon!

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