Fiat 500 by Gucci – Real Italian style

June 30th, 2011


In celebration of the 150th anniversary of Italian Unification and the 90th anniversary of the Gucci brand, Fiat and the Florentine fashion house presents the “500 by Gucci”, an important partnership between two brands which have always expressed the Italian genius and creativity in the world. As for New LanciaY, also for this car, Fiat together with Seac02(leader in the software development for virtual and augmented reality) developed an application, available both in Italian and in English, that allows the user to enter virtually the passenger compartment thanks to the integrated gyroscope. The 360° virtual tour opens a 3D window on the vehicle, creating a movement sensation inside the passenger compartment from three different points of view, by simply moving the iPad through the space. This feature has been developed entirely in HTML5.

The App is composed of:

  • HOMEPAGE: A homepage to access to breathtaking panoramas of the interior, exterior and features of the 500 by Gucci.
  • INTERIOR: The interior of the Fiat 500 By Gucci enhanced through 360-degree panoramic photos navigable by moving the iPad in the space. Clickable insights with Gucci accessories details.
  • EXTERIOR: The 360 ° view of the Fiat 500′ colors and embellished with the exclusive designer Gucci details.
  • FEATURES: Find out all the features of the Fiat 500 by Gucci.
  • 500 World By Gucci: A browsable gallery like a book made ​​of images and videos that tell the harmonious union of two of the most prestigious brands of Italian style.
  • FIND THE DEALER: Interactive map to find dealers.
  • THE COOLEST PLACES SUGGESTED BY FRIDA GIANNINI: A collection of addresses selected and commented by Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini.

Download the application(Free)

500 by Gucci website


Fiat 500 by Gucci – Vero stile italiano. Nell’anno della celebrazione dei 150 anni dell’unità di Italia e in occasione del 90esimo anniversario della nascita del marchio Gucci, Fiat e la maison fiorentina presentano la “500 by Gucci”, un’importante partnership tra due brand che da sempre esprimono il genio e la creatività italiana nel mondo. Come per la nuova LanciaY, anche per questa vettura è stata creata un’applicazione, disponibile sia in italiano che in inglese, sviluppata in collaborazione con Seac02 (azienda leader nello sviluppo di software di realtà virtuale e augmented reality) e che consente all’utente di entrare virtualmente negli interni dell’auto sfruttando il giroscopio integrato del tablet Apple. Il tour virtuale a 360° di fatto apre una finestra in 3D sulla vettura, crea infatti la sensazione di movimento all’interno dell’abitacolo da tre diversi punti di osservazione semplicemente muovendo l’iPad nello spazio. Questa funzionalità dell’App è sviluppata totalmente in HTML5.

L’App è composta da:

  • HOMEPAGE: Una pagina iniziale da cui accedere alle emozionanti panoramiche degli interni, degli esterni e alle caratteristiche della 500 By Gucci.
  • INTERNI: Gli interni della Fiat 500 By Gucci esaltati attraverso fotografie panoramiche a 360° navigabili muovendo l’iPad nello spazio. Approfondimeti cliccabili con i dettagli degli accessori Gucci.
  • ESTERNI: La vista 360° della Fiat 500 impreziosita dagli esclusivi colori e dettagli firmati Gucci.
  • CARATTERISTICHE: Una completa scheda di approfondimento per scoprire tutte le caratteristiche della Fiat 500 By Gucci.
  • 500 World 500 By Gucci: Una galleria sfogliabile come un libro fatta di immagini e video che raccontano l’armoniosa unione dei due tra i più prestigiosi marchi dello stile italiano.
  • TROVA IL CONCESSIONARIO: Mappa interattiva per trovare i concessionari.
  • I LOCALI PIù COOL SUGGERITI DA FRIDA GIANNINI: Una raccolta di indirizzi scelti e commentati dal Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini.

Sacrica l’applicazione (Gratis)

Sito 500 by Gucci

The e²-commerce platform unveild at the Augmented Reality Event 2011

May 25th, 2011

Great success for the last Augmented Reality Event 2011, held in Santa Clara (CA). First of all, we want to thank all the people that visited the booth of Seac02 and that came to listen to our speech about our esquarecommerce solution.

For who couldn’t attend to the talk, or missed the are2011, and is interested in it, we shared below the presentation of our speech. Starting from the state of the art and what has been done so far, in terms of applications of the AR in e-commerce for product experiences (in the presentation we mention some our projects as well as third-party projects) we introduce our new experiential-e-commerce platform (esquarecommerce).

The past shows us that companies that want to adopt AR solutions for their online business find technological barriers for reaching as many users as possible and high level budgets required to generate and publish contents . Seac02 esquarecommerce platform offers easy content creation and a multichannel, crossplatform diffusion of the output. Final contents and applications are stored in cloud, and once the application is made, the company just needs to copy a script that can be embedded in a webpage, like we do when we embed a video from youtube or vimeo, or we did for this presentation that follows.

This concept presented is part of a wider project we have been working on lately and that we will start releasing soon with a few first modules.

Augmented World Expo

4-5 June

Santa Clara (CA)

Booth 75


Mobile Augmented Reality Platform.
Coming soon!

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