3D Video Calls

February 19th, 2006

At a WIND dealership in the centre of the Olympic city, the population of Turin 2006 experimented with a new mode of communication: the three-dimensional video-call. Thanks to the technology of WIND and seac02 two interlocutors can see each other in a three-dimensional monitor, as if they were face to face.

It is an exciting experience, but simple and solid from a technical operation viewpoint and it represents a step towards video-presence, along a path which will end when the interlocutors no longer perceive the difference between communicating via artificial means and real-life. The phone call, the video call, now the three-dimensional video-call, thanks to WIND and seac02. The users communicate with each other from remote positions via highly technological cameras and monitors that allow three-dimensional and hyper-realistic visualisation (SeeReal Technologies).

The controlling software by seac02 permits the user to see the three-dimensional image in real time of the distant interlocutor, not only to speak to him and hear his voice.

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