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Seac02 is a digital craft house that provides companies and professionals virtual & augmented reality softwares & solutions to enhance the value of experiential technology - based activities. We develop proprietary and custom products and applications dedicated to manufacturing, retail, marketing, communication, media and edutainment sectors and we offer business solutions with a highly innovative added value.


We shift people product and shopping experience to a new digital dimension through the use of virtual and augmented technology. We provide brands new immersive and pervasive conversational points to drive sales. We empower companies smart visual interactive solutions to engage consumers. We aim to bring augmented reality contents to every device.

10 years of innovation

Founded in 2003 in Torino, Italy by current CEO, Andrea Carignano. Seac02 was one of the first start-up to be included into i3p, Turin Polytechnic Incubator. From the beginning, the company focused on virtual & augmented reality technology to be integrated into communication processes. In 2012 it has been mentioned as one of the most worldwide influential software companies in augmented reality landscape. By the end of 2012 it delivered AR-Code app, the mobile augmented reality platform that revolutionizes the way to daily interact with digital contents on mobile devices. If you want to know more check our Timeline!

Augmented Reality

In 2013 there will be 1.82 billion of mobile phones worldwide. Tablets are emerging as the vehicle for displaying alternative, enhanced content and the phone is becoming the vehicle for magazine or the brand to allow the readers to engage with their print, at their events or their in-store brand advertiser experiences. Augmented Reality is part of our present life.

The Partnership

We consider collaborations with relevant Italian and international universities and research centers very important. Simultaneously we developed a dense worldwide network of resellers to provide consultancy and ongoing assistance to our clients. Here below some of our academic partnerships.

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