• 463.4KB PDF File AR4ppt Starter Guide

    Brief Starter Guide of AR4ppt, the LinceoVR Plugin for Powerpoint

  • 242.5KB PDF File Max2VR Starter Guide

    Brief Starter Guide of Max2VR, the LinceoVR Export Plugin for 3D Studio Max

  • 375.7KB PDF File Rhino2LVR Install Documentation

    Install, usage tutorial and a troubleshooting section

  • 24.4KB JPG Image Rhino setting for LinceoVR export

    Export setting for rhino plugin and rhino export

  • 3.6MB PDF File FBX Exporter Tutorial - Rigged Animation

    This PDF covers the easy steps to be followed to ensure the best cooperation between Autodesk Maya and LinceoVR. Going through the FBX Format, it will be shown how to export a rigged animation.

  • 281.8KB PDF File Eligo Web Getting Started Guide

    This one-page how to will guide you to the basic setup needed to use Eligo Web on your website.

  • 13.2MB ZIP Archive EligoWeb Example

    Two ready-to-use examples of integration of EligoWeb in a HTML page

  • 2.7MB PDF File Rovio User Manual

    This one-page how to will guide you to the basic setup needed to use the Rovio Robot on your pc!

LinceoVR 3D Model Examples

  • 14.6MB ZIP Archive AR4ppt Example Models

    Few example models for AR4ppt, the LinceoVR Plugin for Powerpoint

  • 29.5MB LVZ File Speakers model with 3D Surround Sound

    Speakers model with two audio sources: left and right stereo channels. Sound needs to be manually played from "Animation And Audio" Panel.

    Audio License Information: Tracks contained in this model are taken from "Real Rice - Le jour ou l'ascenseur est tombe dans le puits", track number 3 "Torture" and is licensed under these terms. These tracks are available for download from Jamendo.

  • 57.1MB LVZ File Animated Lamp

    Lamp model with animations and morphing. Animation starts automatically on load and can be controlled from "Animation And Audio" Panel.

    Credits: Special thanks to Paolo Romagnoli for model and animation.

  • 31.8MB ZIP Archive Clips example

    Rhino 3D model and LinceoVR 3.1 lvz from video tutorial

  • 18.8MB ZIP Archive Lamp Bulb

    Rhino 3D model And LIcenoVR lvz files for video tutorial

  • 13.8MB LVZ File Animated Grasshopper

    A 3D scene of animated grasshopper with 3D positional audio


  • 60.5MB ZIP Archive LDR Background Package

    Package of Panoramic LDR ( Low Dynamic Range Images ). Applies to LinceoVR 3.x

  • 16.5MB ZIP Archive HDRI Low Resolution Library

    HDR Images of the LinceoVR Environments library have a resolution of 2048x1024 pixels. Here you can download the same library at a reduced size. Just download it, import and use it. To import an HDRI environment in LinceoVR, simply go to Options->Backgrounds->import Background.. menu.


Mobile Augmented Reality Platform.
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LinceoVR 4.0

Microsoft Kinect compatibility.
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