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Unstable Tracking: some good tips
Quality of tracking is affected by many conditions:
  • Light Conditions: marker must be visible and well illuminated by a diffuse and uniform light. Possibly use daylight and avoid fluorescent lights
  • Contrast: marker tracker must be completely visible and distinguisced from the environment. Marker tracker needs at least 1cm of white border around the black symbol.
  • Planar: Tracker must be planar
  • Quality: the printout of marker must be of good quality, especially when using texture trackers.
  • Camera resolution: Use camera at highest possible resolution and frame rate. Minimum suggested Framerate is 25fps and resolution is 640x480
  • Marker dimension: Use marker with a proper fisical dimension, relative to the camera shot. A Marker seen in the video camera should not be smaller than 15-20% of the camera resolution.
  • Marker material: Use opaque, non reflective paper in marker production.
  • Interlaced video: Interlaced video reduces quality of tracking. Use LinceoVR's de-interlace filter, or use at least the half tracking feature in the "Augmented Reality" Engine Settingds panel
On the tracking engine side there are some features that will help you improving the tracking quality. Please refer to the "Augmented Reality Panel" section of the manual by pressing F1 in LinceoVR application. -- May 2 2011, 7:19 PM
If a wantt to buy an add on , how can i buy it? because there´s no a option to only buy modules.

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