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Adding Sounds to LinceoVR
There is a tricky way for adding sounds to LinceoVR and must go through the VRML file format:
  1. Download this VRML example file and open it with a text editor
  2. Change the following properties according to your neds:
    1. url: is the path to the audio file. The file format must be in WAVE 16 bit format.
    2. loop: changes the loop mode
    3. maxFront: is the distance in model units from where you dont hear sound anymore
    4. minFront: is the distance in model units from where sounds starts decreasing
  3. Import the VRML file into LinceoVR: "File->Import"
  4. A sound node appears into the tree widget. You will notice two spheres that will help you understanding the sound fallout distances. Feel free to move the audio node under the geometry emitting the sound, for correct 3D positioning. It works also for animated geometry nodes. -- Nov 4 2010, 11:40 PM
What would be the steps to add sound to a moving object. Following these instructions did not work.

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