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Transparent object disappear rotating the model
A common problem of Computer Graphics is the correct rendering of transparent objects.
Normally they get sorted automatically by the graphic engine and rendered from the most distant to the nearest one.
Saadly sometimes the sorting fails, because of wrong geometry volumes and it is necessary to manualy give a sort priority.

In LinceoVR this means to open the material property dialog of the disapearing geometry and set a sort value to the property "Sort Key" following those rules:
  • If the disappearing material needs to be in front of the rest of the scene give a positive value
  • If the disappearing material needs to be behind other transparent materials give lower values to the more distant object and a higher value to the less distant one
  • All objects with the same sort value will be automatically sorted by the graphic engine
  • All objects with different sort value will be sorted from the lowest value to the highest one
This issue occurs only on transparent objects

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