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How create a box inside the marker
Purpose of this KB is to explaing how to accomplish this:

Occluded Box

Start downloading this example: BoxOccluder.lvz

Open the file in LinceoVR and you may notice that:
  • There are two geometries:
    • One is the visible Box
    • One is the occluding Box
  • Each Geometry has a different material
    • The visible Box has a Generic material
    • The Occluding Box has a Generic material with the Occluder Property set, with sort key "-1". This means it will get invisible, but at the same time hiding everything behind him.
  • The normals of the visible Box are facing inside for a correct illumination
  • Both Boxes are modeled in order to have the "Origin" on the top face of the cube. This way you wont need to change the AR Transformations.
  • The marker attached to the Scene is "AR"
Going to AR mode you will notice that the final effect is to have a box going inside the marker.

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