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What is the difference between HDRI and OpenGL? How can I use them?

HDRI & OpenGL compatibility

LinceoVR has two display modes:

  • HDRI mode
  • OpenGL mode

The main features that differentiate the two modes are the quality and performance of real-time rendering.

HDRI mode

HDRI mode is compatible only with certain graphic cards (you can see LinceoVR system_requirements). The LinceoVR library materials has full compatibility with the HDRI mode.

OpenGL mode

OpenGL mode works with All OpenGL compatible graphic cards. In LinceoVR only some materials are also compatible in OpenGL mode. Materials that are not compatible in OpenGL are represented by the image below:


Incompatible HDRI material

Make a compatible model

If you want to prepare a compatible model in both HDRI and OpenGL mode you should:

  • Open the model
  • Disable HDRI mode from the Environment Library (The material library will show up only OpenGL compatible once)
  • Assign materials to the model and set their parameters (you can not use bump maps)
  • Enable HDRI mode from the Environment Library
  • Fine tune parameters of each material already assigned to the model

Calculation of Global Lighting

If you have already calculated the global lighting in HDRI mode, you simply have to convert it to OpenGL Mode from the menu Advanced-> Global Lighting-> Convert to OpenGL .... Otherwise you can calculate it directly in OpenGL Mode following those steps:

  • Disable HDRI mode from the Environment Library menu
  • Select the desired environment from Environment Library menu
  • Calculate the global lighting from the menu Advanced-> Global Lighting-> calculate ...

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