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Model is too big! How may I reduce its size?

How to reduce the file size

LVZC file size depends on the following factors:
  • Number of polygons in the model
  • Textures in the various scene materials
  • Whether HDRI Environment is selected
  • Type of tracking: marker or texture tracking

Number of polygons

The number of polygons defines the quality and detail of a 3D model. The number of polygons and the size of the 3D model are directly proportional. The bigger the complexity of the model, the greater will be its file size. You must find the right balance between quality and size.


If assigned to materials, textures (color and bump) affect significantly the size of the model.

  • To resize a texture:
    • save texture using Texture->Settings->Save As.. in the material editor panel.
    • resize saved texture (recommended resolution no greater than 800x600 pixels).
    • reassign texture to the material with the new dimensions.
  • Save As Panel

HDRI Enviroments library

HDR Images of the Environments library have a resolution of 2048x1024 pixels. On the website you can download the same library of HDRI enviroments, but resized to a lower resolution. Just download it, import and use it. To import an HDRI environment in LinceoVR, simply go to Options->Backgrounds->import Background.. menù.

Type of Tracking

Marker tracking does not affect the file size.

If you chose Texture Tracking, you must consider the size in pixels of the image you want to use as a tracker. An image with a large amount of tracking information approximately increases by 15 MB the LVZC file size. -- Jan 8 2011, 12:21 AM
And about the sound, you need to optimize the size of the files like 22500hrz - Mono - 8 or 16 bit. For 1 Minutes of sounf i have a files to 1,5Mo. Its allright

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