LinceoVR web Viewer Support

General Guidelines

Follow the Troubleshooting section in this page to resolve common known problems.
If the problem persists, search in the Knowledge Base section under EligoWeb category a possible answer to a similar issue. If still you don't find a solution, please Submit a New Ticket and remember to follow the Support Request Guidelines below. Please note that submitting a ticket, only one attachment is allowed. You may add further attachments in your Ticket Management Page.


  • Check System Requirements (Same ad LinceoVR)
  • Update Video Drivers. First of all, be sure to have the latest video drivers installed! You can verify drivers version in your Video Card Settings Panel
  • Video Card Drivers Settings. Disable hardware antialias (set "controlled by application") in your card's control panel
  • Read the Getting Started Guide for web publishing
  • If the plugin is still not loading try the manual registering of eligoweb

Support Request Guidelines

Open a new Ticket with the following informations attached:
  • Name of the installer: ( ex: LinceoVRViewer_006.msi )
  • Description of the error occurred
  • Description of how reproduce the error
  • Screenshot of the error
  • If compares Windows Error Panel press on "click here" and make screenshot
  • Screenshot of first page of System Information panel (Start > Programs > Accessories > System Utilities > Microsoft System Information)

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