LinceoVR Support

General Guidelines

Follow the Troubleshooting section in this page to resolve common known problems.
If the problem persists, search in the Knowledge Base section a possible answer to a similar issue. If still you don't find a solution, please Submit a New Ticket and remember to follow the Support Request Guidelines below. Please note that submitting a ticket, only one attachment is allowed. You may add further attachments in your Ticket Management Page.


  • Check System Requirements
  • Update Video Drivers. First of all, be sure to have the latest video drivers installed! You can verify drivers version in your Video Card Settings Panel
  • Video Card Drivers Settings. Disable hardware antialias (set "controlled by application") and enable stereo setting in your card's control panel

Support Request Guidelines

Open a new Ticket with the following informations attached:
  • Name of the installer: ( ex: LinceoVR4.0_020.msi )
  • Description of the error occurred
  • Description of how reproduce the error
  • Screenshot of the error
  • If compares Windows Error Panel press on "click here" and make screenshotWindows_Error_Panel.jpg
  • Reproduce the error in "Safe Mode" by clicking on "LinceoVR4 Safe Mode" in Windows program menu. Safe Mode creates two files "DEBUG_LinceoVR.txt" and "DEBUG_SceneGraphLog.txt" in the temporary application data directory ( C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\LinceoVR4 ) and need to be attached at the email. No personal data are collected, only debug information
  • Screenshot of first page of System Information panel (Start > Programs > Accessories > System Utilities > Microsoft System Information)
  • Windows System  Information

In case an installer fails please report following this procedure:
  • Install LinceoVR till the error popups. Do not close the error window, in order to not roll-back the installation
  • Go to the installation directory
  • Execute linceovr.exe; please report the error dialog that appears

Start-Up Error


Latest public realease
Older Releases


LinceoVR4.0  Last Revision (rev 020)
  • Kinect/Xtion Integration  (MSKinect & OpenNI PrimeSense Driver)
  • Cap Marker (Can add images / videos to cover the fisical marker)
  • Overlay2D (Framework that adds images / videos as screen overlays)
  • Optimization Tools (Integrated Optimization Tool like mesh reduction and Graph Optimization)
  • Professional DXF Import
  • Vuzix Gyros integration (EligoSDK)
  • Ships also in 64bit version
  • Extended Mouse3D Support
  • Extended Canon EOS Support
  • New Hair Material
  • PluginSDK (create your own plugins to extend materials and let them become dynamic)
  • Pointer3D (Virtual World Pointer in orther to interact with objects)
  • Multi-File import
  • Revisited Interface
  • BugFixes

LinceoVR3.4 Last Revision (rev 001)
  • Autostereo Real-Time Rendering Support in LinceoVR, LinceoVRViewer and EligoWeb
  • Autostereo Video/Image Outout
  • See-Through Augmented Reality support
  • PowerPoint Exporter and Plugin
  • Start-up Performance improvements
  • New Augmented Reality Settings:
    • "On Tracking Loss" Action
    • Delay option on tracking loss
  • Pivot Mode for setting Center of Interest
  • Bug Fixes
    • Flip Rendering fix
    • Predefined animation issue
    • Fixed Bug in event signaling when using texture and marker tracking

LinceoVR3.3  Last Revision (rev 003)
  • Added Rovio support
    • Added connection port selection (rev 003)
    • Threaded commands to maximize throughput on slower connections (rev 003)
  • Added Video Textures support
  • Changed License Activation/Upgrade procedures
  • Added Render Quality selection at startup
  • Added Raytracing capabilities in Augmented Reality mode
  • Batch Rendering improvement
  • Added Two Sided Lighting
  • Updated Manual
  • Bug Fixes
    • Save correctly to network paths
    • Video Freeze bug
    • Fixed Material Library issues
    • Animation & Sound issues in Augmented Reality mode
    • Multiple instances of LinceoVR bug
    • Variant Previews get updated during OpenGL/HDRI switch
    • Disabled Bloom Action in OpenGL Mode
    • Material on Render bug fixed
    • Solved crash on variant change
    • 3DM import bug (rev 003)
    • Environment background selection bug (rev 003)
    • GUI issues (rev003)
    • Raytracing in Augmented Reality mode bug (rev 003)
    • Various video texture fixes (rev 003)
    • Side by Side screenshot bug (rev 003)
    • Removed memory leak in AR/VR switch (rev 003)

LinceoVR3.2  Last Revision ( rev 002 )
  • Raytracing
  • Texture Tracking
  • FBX Import
  • Added LinceoVR Viewer Plugin
  • Added LinceoVR Viewer Stand Alone
  • Added Update Mechanism ( rev 002 )
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed crash during Camera Selection
    • RhinoPlugin extend to RC6 and compatible with LinceoVR3.2
    • Fix loading OpenGL models
    • Added viewer export with environments different than Uffizi
    • Fixed Antialias state
    • Added example models
    • Fixed VRML loading crash
    • Fixed crash on double clicking lvz file

LinceoVR3.1  Last Revision ( rev 005 )
  • Animation
    • Added animation support through VRML import
    • Position animation: Translate - Rotate - Scaling
    • Geometry animation: Morphing
  • VRML Import
    • Extended Importer capabilities
  • 3D Positional Audio
    • Added 3D audio support through VRML import
  • Batch Rendering
    • RT batch export
    • Rules definition/import/export
  • Various
    • Added support to VRmagic devices
    • Real Time Soft Shadows in Camera Matching mode
    • Real Time de-interlacing Filter for camera Input
  • New ActiveX & HTTP commands
    • playAnimation ( animName );
    • pauseAnimation ( animName );
    • stopAnimation ( animName );
    • playSound ( soundName );
    • pauseSound ( soundName );
    • stopSound ( soundName );
  • Important Bug Fixes
    • OpenGL Text Material Bug
    • Drop material Bug
    • Material Rename Bug
    • Variant Optimizations Bug
    • Batch Rendering Bug

LinceoVR3.0  Last Revision ( rev 003 )
  • New ActiveX & HTTP commands
    • Fullscreen switch
    • Setting Video background
    • Added printImage()
    • Added isRedrawEnabled()
    • Setting of Volume constraints
    • Show All
    • Clear Catalogue
    • Enter/Leave AR
    • Added Listen port property of TUIO protocol
    • Added enableHdri properties
  • New signals emitted by ActiveX
    • AR Start Tracking
    • AR Stop Tracking
  • TUIO Multitouch protocol fixes
    • Rotate touch Geometry
    • Time Discard setting
  • Eligo API Page
    • Tag cloud
    • Filtering
    • Method examples
    • Enhanced list of methods
    • Documentation
  • BugFixes
    • Case insensitive file extension check
    • Fixed Scene settings loss during loading
    • VRML loading bug
    • Fixed license bug on 64bit environment (rev RC06)
  • Enhancements
    • Up to 3Gb RAM support on 32 and 64bit OSs
    • Added Deinterlace filter
    • Added Tracking Delay feature
    • Added Tracking Discard on camera/marker move/rotation
    • Added overlay transparency (fade effect)
    • Customizable User Data Directory
    • Added OpenGL mode at commandline
    • Auto orientation and aspect keeping while printing

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