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Projection and Advanced Interaction Systems

Seac02's CAV solutions facilitate decision-making process, considerably reduce the design time, optimise production phases, support the training of operators, improve the way in which the company is perceived and offer customers and operators an emotional involvement with the product, incrementing business opportunities.

A complete solution, built upon your individual needs.

Projection devices

The definition of the projection device takes place on the basis of the customer’s viewing requirements, and every projector is tested and validated in our laboratories.

Projection Device

Construction of mechanical structures

Every structure is designed internally, right down to the tiniest details, to overcome the most awkward structural restrictions and obtain the best possible performance; they are all built by our selected partners.

Projection Wall

Projection Surfaces

To completely satisfy our customers, we propose the best solution in terms of projection surfaces, carrying out dedicated studies to identify the best material for the system proposed.

Cave Wall


Seac02 tests and guarantees the full compatibility of its CAV systems with the software used by its customers.


Seac02 Proprietary Technologies

By means of a solid and continuous research and development activity, Seac02 implements hardware and software proprietary systems which create unique CAV solutions.



Attention to the customer, supervision during every installation phase and constant product assistance.

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