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Virtual reality system, stereoscopic projection onto big screen, covered by an Italian patent.

Linceo is an innovative stereoscopic projection system. It enables the real-time viewing and simulation of videos and 3D models with perception of the third dimension.

The system is OpenGL compatible and supports leading mechanical, architectural and immersion viewing design softwares, including Catia, Unigraphics, Ensight and Alias.

The system can be interfaced with the most popular real-time tracking systems. It is highly customisable and available in direct and rear projection versions.

The dimensions and type of screen are chosen on the basis of customer specifications.

Main Features

  • Supported Projection Types: Single, Front, Rear
  • Supported Stereo Options
    • Active
    • Passive with Linear/Circular Polarisation
    • Passive with Infitec technology (on the whole range of projectors)
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux platform
  • Re-configurable in real-time
  • Advanced Features: Warping
Augmented World Expo

4-5 June

Santa Clara (CA)

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Mobile Augmented Reality Platform.
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